About Us

Something About Me.  

I love to collect Vintage Jewelry. I own and operate this vintage jewelry website....www.jewelsohyes.com...but long before this I was a jewelry lover/collector.   Jewelry is my first passion after my family, children and grandchildren.

Likewise, I started collecting jewelry in the 1980s, and the vintage costume jewelry bug is still in my blood some 20 plus years later.

It wasn't even the glitter and glitz of vintage jewelry that kept me wanting more jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, jewelry sets, gold and silver, no not that it was the enjoying the search and jewelry research. That feeling is still with me today.

My Experience

Besides being a jewelry collector for 20 plus years, I also owned and operated my own brick and mortar Antiques and Collectibles shop for 10 years, and then the internet happened. Now I do business exclusively on the internet since 2000.

My Mission

I will offer a large array of Vintage Costume Jewelry to Victorian jewelry. As well as good price and service. To contact me, just look to the bottom right of this page and send us a message. I want to hear from you.